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PIK 3000 Ltd

Importer and distributor of equipment for climbing, mountaineering, work at altitude, speleology : Petzl, Beal,  Fallprotec,  Five Ten , Pajuet - Maillon Rapid 

address : 7, Petra Str., 1504 Sofia

tel . +359 886 12 99 20, + 359 889 211 911

fax : 02/943 36 64

is mail : office@pik3000.com

Dear Customers,
To make sure that your order will be registered and executed, we are very much asking you, call the phones listed here in our office! It is not desirable for questions and orders related to stocks, prices and supplies of goods to call the personal telephones of the managers!
Calling managers' personal telephones does not guarantee you that your order will be saved (remembered ...) and executed!

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